أَيْضًا \ also: too. as well: also: I need your help, and your money as well, (with may or might) without loss or bad effect: You may as well try, even if you don’t succeed. I might as well have watched the game on television (instead of watching it on the field and getting wet). besides: as well: I need all this and more besides. either: (used after not) also: I don’t like apples, and I don’t like oranges either. in addition: also: He paid my bill; in addition he lent me $3. into the bargain: as well: I lost my money and got punished into the bargain. likewise: also; in the same way: He helped me when you were away. Likewise when you were ill, he did all my shopping. so: (followed by a verb that comes before its subject) also: She ate some, and so did I. too: also: He, too, wants to come. He wants to come too.

Arabic-English glossary. 2015.

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